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Creating Digital Magic

March 27, 2017 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm UTC+0

cozzette makeup seminar


The synergy of airbrush & traditional makeup 3 days including live photoshoot

This extended workshop is for makeup devotees’ wanting to expand their traditional makeup techniques by adding airbrushed cosmetics to the mix to achieve marketing potential that results in career advancement. During Roque Cozzette’s interactive makeup-meets self-awareness seminar, he will focus the attention on advanced makeup techniques enhancing color and shape, creating the illusion of light and shadow on beautifully perfected skin. We will co-create a one of a kind dynamic experience with Cozzette Beauty and Kett Cosmetics to both empower and elevate creative choice. The focus will be on beauty makeup appropriate for celebrity, events, bridal, print, and HD.

As an attendee, you will learn hands-on the difference between traditional and modern airbrush makeup techniques, on set etiquette while participating in a live photoshoot. The focus will be on beauty makeup appropriate for celebrity, bridal, editorial print, and HD.

These methods will increase your professional abilities by combining the knowhow of the industry by empowering the right tools and to create the portfolio of your dreams, which is the best way to market your talents to new


SEMINAR 10:00 AM-6:00 PM PST

Cozzette photo seminar
Cozzette photo seminar
Cozzette photo seminar

Seminar Agenda

Intro & Intention Setting
Beauty Makeup Breakdown • Demo
Color Theory Integration
Creating beautiful foundations
Concealing VS Neutralising

Theory of contour & highlight
Smart makeup brush selection
Understanding foundation formulas
When to conceal
Eye shadow styles

Blush & facial proportions
Bronzing additions
Working with cream color
Eyebrow shape enhancement
Anatomy of eye & lipliner
Creating a beautiful lip
Closing – Question & Answer

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some of the primary answers to the most popular seminar questions.

What do I bring to the seminar?

Please arrive with a positive attitude leaving all thoughts of the day behind. We ask that you bring a makeup kit with the products you are comfortable using.

What will I gain as an artist?

Adding insight to your traditional makeup techniques provides you more versatility as a professional makeup artist, whether working on the set of a movie, a photography studio, a salon, or focusing on bridal makeup. Enhancing your makeup abilities prepares you to face the progression in the evolving makeup world, and new opportunities emerging from the improvements of high definition (HD) and digital technology.

What is different about photography makeup?

When makeup is applied onto the skin and photographed it either enhances texture or minimises it. We will teach you have to neutralise unwanted color, balance skin tone and to create the 3 dimensional tonality of perfect skin on camera. In addition this seminar examples the proper cosmetics to use to save time and efficiency as well as the correct makeup used to be compatible with professional lighting.


The result is a seamless beautiful blend that can be completely customized to create endless options

How can beauty makeup techniques add to traditional makeup?

Beauty makeup techniques were designed to enhance traditional makeup techniques with photography in mind. Specialized applications for photography are  designed to minimize the amount of makeup to achieve maximum results. The objective is to create a three-dimensional makeup look on the eyes, face or body. The overall application can stand up to professional lighting, video (HD) and photography.

What type of makeup will be used in the seminar?

Cream, liquid foundations and finely milled powders are the primary features of beauty makeup. The most versatile cream and liquid foundations are comprised of primary ingredients such as water, humectants, vitamins, oil absorbers, and color pigments. Ingredients are essential to the best payoff on camera. This and much more will be demonstrated.

Why do I have to set intentions prior to the seminar?

All Cozzette seminars are geared to enable the artist to release any creative limitation by self-evaluational and the setting of new fresh positive intentions to move forward. We ask all attendees to arrive with intentions to focus on during and after the seminar is finished.


March 27, 2017
10:00 am - 5:00 pm
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