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Innovative, well-seasoned and multifaceted, Roque Cozzette is a high-spirited beauty-industry professional that has been dedicated to his artistry since 1986. With several decades of experience, Roque established his very own brand “Cozzette”, specializing in high quality vegan and cruelty free beauty products. Initially a self-taught makeup artist and photographer, Roque channels his creative ideas and connects with the aesthetic senses, by incorporating fashion, beauty and spirituality into his artistry. Having gained momentum, Roque seamlessly transitioned his traditional makeup skills in combination with the art of airbrushing, while globe-trotting with popular celebrities like Pop-star Christina Milian, and Jazz inspiration Melody Gardot during the past decade. With a keen vision, Roque’s work has also graced the runways of prestigious fashion houses like Christian Dior, Valentino, Y3, Louis Vuitton, John Galliano, Yohji Yamamoto, Victoria’s Secret, and Prada.

As a product development specialist, Roque’s expressions of creativity and passion for continued-learning of new formulas, ingredients and techniques manifests through his brand. Venturing into new areas as a global educator, Roque facilitates makeup seminars and shares his knowledge with enthusiasts across the globe. As Cozzette works strategically towards the incorporation of his makeup expertise into the advancement of the digital world, he continues to create exquisite art. From start to finish, Roque Cozzette orchestrates the sensibilities of his hands, heart and soul to transform his creativity into beautiful timeless looks.

Roque Cozzette • Visionary / Creator

Our Vision

 Our company was founded by a professional makeup artist that chose to initiate the evolution of artistic ability. Through heart, hands and soul we guide makeup artists of all levels to release fear and harness the art and soul of makeup.

Artistic freedom and integrity are paramount to techniques, brand identity and client retention are the results.


Identifying the artist inside is our highest attribute. Allow us to guide you to your best artistic potential through inner & outer beauty exercises. The discovery of “self” through beauty enables us all to attract clients that value and respect us.

Gain an example of beauty and deliver the best techniques all clients seek.  

Our Products

Pretty From Afar, But Far From Pretty

Back in the late ’90s, Roque Cozzette was among the first in the cosmetics world to encounter a major opportunity in makeup artistry: the rise of high-definition (HD) video resolution.

The increase in clarity was monumental; details that are invisible with analog technology become glaringly obvious in HD. Tech giant Sony was holding a training session to introduce its producers, directors, and cameramen to the company’s new HD equipment, and they asked Cozzette to serve as the session’s makeup artist.

Cozzette quickly discovered his industry’s new reality: what looks beautiful to the naked eye can crumble completely under the amplified resolution of an HD lens. Because HD magnifies visual detail to a degree that neither the naked eye nor analog technology can, the slightest imperfections in a model’s makeup become obvious on camera. From fine lines and wrinkles to heavy makeup or dry skin, flaws are never forgiven when the medium is digital.

But while HD cameras demand an unprecedented degree of precision from makeup artists, they also present an opportunity for increased artistry and, ultimately, visual perfection. Cozzette sees HD as an incentive for makeup artists everywhere to sharpen their creative skills and think strategically, and in the years since that Sony training session, he has developed his brand as an opportunity to target two opportunities. The first by creating “cruelty free conscious” vegan products. The second, by attuning to texture and create long-lasting texture minimizing professional products that match the advancements in digital reality.


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