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Experiences over a quarter of a century are what make up several educational curriculums’ based in beauty makeup applications, makeup brushes, makeup techniques and manifesting.  This is what I feel will enable you to create a clear path, gain knowledge, and create a target… Allow your dreams to come to reality.

Develop techniques, acquire knowledge, and strengthen your makeup ability. Our interactive seminars are distinguished as the most comprehensive in the industry. Let Roque Cozzette inspire you to face the future.



A creative fusion of traditional makeup and modern airbrush makeup techniques that deliver precise, durable, and diverse applications ideal for every genre of makeup desired. The intention was to face the opportunities of improvement discovered while working in Digital Photography & HD technology. Expanding options for makeup artists working in any medium.

Discovering the HD opportunity first hand in the studio Cozzette decided to use high definition and digital cameras as a tool. We are devoted to guiding makeup artists’ with proven techniques that make the difference!

Color theory is the base element fused throughout our makeup trainings to achieve the greatest outcome. In addition our products like Infinite Makeup was created using the insight of color theory to enable the neutralisation or matching of all skin tones.


A collective of professional makeup artists working in fashion, film, print, stage, and TV. Veterans’ in the industry who aim to give back to the profession that served them so well.


How do I book a seminar?

Booking a seminar is easy. At the bottom of each seminar you will find “TICKETS”. Simply select the quantity and add to the cart. At this point to complete the booking process review the booking on the CART page then proceed to CHECKOUT. That’s it! 

How will I know if I’m confirmed for a seminar? 

After payment is complete you will receive a confirmation email. You will have options to save the date to your electronic calendar.


Setting Intentions

At all Cozzette seminars, we ask all attendees to write their highest intentions in a way that they are setting the stage for what follows as they grow into the dream makeup career.  

Seminar Folio 

At select seminars, we provide a folio that outlines topics such as makeup techniques fashion trends,  color theory and insight to HD and photography. You will receive a folio at the seminar if applicable. 

Do I need a model?

At most Cozzette seminars attendees will practice on each other, but in some cases such as the Portfolio Building Seminar, where attendees are required to source a model for the day to be photographed. *Requirements for each seminar are clearly written on the individual seminar page.

Do I need to bring a makeup kit?

Yes, we ask that you bring a small makeup kit of the products you are familiar with. In addition, we will provide an array of makeup to use at the seminar; for all attendees to be exposed to different brands. 

Is lunch provided?

We provide snacks and water, however, we usually have a 1 hour break away lunch for all attendees to eat lunch in the seminar room or nearby at a local restaurant. 

What questions should I come prepared with?

We welcome all questions about makeup and techniques. Please come to the seminar with at least 5 questions that you may have. When we have the opportunity to answer questions it expands the topics and allows insight for all attendees.

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